Huzhou Qifeng Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd.

        Company Profile

        Huzhou Qifeng Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd. is located in Lincheng Town, Changxing County, Huzhou City, with an elegant environment, beautiful scenery and convenient transportation. The company is committed to the development, manufacturing and sales of high-end hollow plastic containers. Currently, there are more than 10 types of closed plastic packaging barrels in 4 series of 20 liters, 22 liters, 25 liters, and 30 liters, with an annual output of more than 1 million.

        The company has advanced production and testing equipment, excellent production technology, strong technical force and strict internal management, and it strives to improve the traditional production process to provide guarantee for the production of more excellent quality products. The company has introduced the ISO9001 system certification, passed the quality audit of the Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, obtained the "Quality License for Export Dangerous Goods Packaging Containers", and provided customers with plastic drums for dangerous packages for export. The product quality complies with the GB19160-2008 national standard and "International Maritime Transport of Dangerous Goods Regulations."

        Facing the new challenges of the new market, we continue to develop high-quality and high-spec plastic packaging containers that are more in line with the needs of customers and the market. We warmly welcome domestic and foreign merchants to patronize!


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